Bresser Skylux EL 70/900mm

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Bresser Skyluy EL 70-900mm

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Observing the stars just like an expert – super easy when using the refractor telescope Bresser Skylux EL 70/900mm. This excellent refractor telescope along with 70mm aperture is capable of showing a wide selection of details in celestial objects. Right here is the whole system for the exploration of the marvels of the universe, composing of telescope, tripod, mount and every accessory required. The mount cannot solely swing the telescope left to right and up and down, additionally it may be utilized in an “equatorial mode”, as scientists perform in their observatories. An added finder scope fastened upon the telescope is effective for finding celestial objects. Using an erecting lens in the daytime numerous magnificent things within the environment can certainly be viewed. Aided by the height-adjustable tripod, the telescope can easily be brought within optimum height for big or little observers. The provided diagonal mirror certifies a pleasurable viewing.


At night time, planets like Saturn and Jupiter can certainly be explored. Celestrial objects exterior to our solar system are within the range of this particular telescope because of the 70mm wide aperture. Star clusters of numerous light years away impress young and old stargazers. You can use the provided erecting prism to be able to get a correct sided and upright image throughout the day, making it practical for this telescope to be utilized for the observation of nature, for instance.

Special Features

Mounting with wedge: At first sight, the NG mount for the refractor telescope 70/700: NG is a extremely standard azimuth mount: an axis for left to right and one for up and down, as you may know from common camera tripods. This mode is sensible especially with observations in the daytime. With the incorporated wedge it could be tipped, and so the entire mount may be converted to an equatorial mount for astronomy with one operation. For use of this equatorial mount an axis is aligned with the North Star. When tracking a celestial object only a single axis ought to be shifted, which obviously is a relief in comparison to tracking an object in the night sky with mounts that only have left-right and up-down axis.


Optical Design: Fraunhofer refractor telescope (two-lens achromatic refractor) – Lens diameter: 70 mm – Focal length / aperture: 900 mm / F10 – Theoretical resolution in arc seconds: 1.6 – Recommended maximum magnifi cation: 140x – Stand-Height: continuously adjustable from 58 cm to 101cm – Optical tube dimensions: 950 mm length, 110 mm indiameter (inci. dew shield) – Eyepiece barrel diameter: 31.7 mm (1.25 ) – Finder scope: 6 x 25 – Optical tube weight: 1.4 kg – Support material: aluminum – Height of mount: about 20 cm – Batteries: not required – Control: manual – Colour: blue/black – Total weight: 3.7 kg

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